Carbon fiber car modification knowledge

Hello everyone, CGTUNING is here to answer the following questions for you. Many people don't know about carbon fiber modification and carbon fiber car modification. Let's take a look today!

1. Carbon fiber car modification: There are many large and small enterprises that do carbon fiber car modification in China. The interior, license plate frame, rearview mirror frame, tappet, chassis, steering wheel, etc. on the car can be made of carbon fiber. There is a carbon fiber company called VIA Composites in Wuxi, Jiangsu, which specializes in carbon fiber automotive products.

If the area of ​​the car sticker exceeds 30%, go to the local vehicle management office to apply for approval. It is recommended to consult the local vehicle management office before modification. If it is not a professional modification (in order to reduce the weight of the car), it is recommended to use carbon fiber pvc film, after all, the cost of replacing the real carbon fiber engine cover is high.

2. BMW 5 Series carbon fiber exterior modification, who said that executive cars can’t play without performance without enthusiasm: you can see more or less the shadow of the 7 Series on the new BMW 5 Series, which is both business-like and sporty in the aura. wind. In this issue today, the appearance of the 5 series will be modified, so that the whole body of the 5 series is full of fighting style! A set of modified cases made of carbon fiber materials are presented. The "pig nose" on the front face of the 5 Series is not as exaggerated as that of the 7 Series, and the size is very coordinated with the body. If the original 5 Series does not add some material to its appearance, the fighting style of the whole vehicle is not very obvious. Anyway, the power of the 5 Series is one of the best in its class, so why be too low-key? This set of carbon fiber kits is made of 3K twill dry carbon fiber material, which is very coordinated on the body and creates a very good fighting atmosphere. However, it is not limited to 3K twill, other textures can also be customized, such as 12K, 24K, forged texture and so on. On the whole, the 5-series car has a lot of positioning, such as executive cars, family cars, and modified cars. However, most of today's young consumers still use the latter as the main car demand. For car owners who love cars and change cars, the car is not a cold metal module, but a fresh life full of "life aesthetics". This article comes from the author of Autohome and does not represent the views of Autohome

3. The carbon fiber modified motorcycle can be modified anywhere. Can the frame be changed? The frame can be hand-laid with carbon fiber cloth of a certain thickness to enhance the strength. It is estimated that if your power is not changed, it is not necessary at all. If it can be changed, there are body plastic panels, fenders, dashboards and other decorative components. In actual use, the superior mechanical properties of carbon fiber cannot be displayed. The exhaust pipe can also be changed to carbon fiber wrapping, but it is common to wrap a section, not all carbon fiber wraps. Also, the real carbon fiber panels look very high-end, and those carbon fiber decorative stickers cannot achieve this luxurious and high-end effect.

4. The texture of the new BMW X3 28i's first modified real carbon fiber modification kit is full score: carbon fiber has always made me very interested, but some modified parts with carbon fiber texture are very different from the texture of real carbon fiber. I will share today. Now, some real carbon fiber modified parts of the new X3 have a front face. The carbon fiber license plate holder is not new. The fang black luggage rack is called pointed ears. It is also plain. The fangs are more obvious from the side. The effect is also different. The front shovel is carbon fiber pattern, and the license plate frame is real carbon fiber. The texture of the naked eye is indeed quite different. Due to the limited brand technology, there is not much difference in shooting. The sharp-eared BMW replaced the white cover of the original car, and the card position completely fits the original car. Although it is wet carbon, the texture of real carbon fiber is still obvious. Replace the cover plate of the rearview mirror, which is a seamless connection with the original car and a short focal length. Let’s take a look at the charm of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber one-button start patch. I spent dozens of dollars on this small piece. I didn’t plan to change this piece. Later, I changed the black luggage rack. , when the food was received, it was very light and thin, and the weight was almost negligible. After tearing off the 3M glue, the whole carbon fiber wrapped the original car shark fin and it fit perfectly. Forgive me for these four dissimilar modifications, the rear logo and ears of the Thunder version, the fangs of the 40i and The caliper license plate holder actually doesn't matter if it is installed or not. It mainly likes the real carbon texture. It can be seen carefully. The hubcap is imitating the immovable mark of Rolls, and the stop mark is upright. The real carbon widgets of the new X3 have been changed so much for the time being. X3 riders are welcome to leave a message and share their modification experience. Thank you for watching

5. How much does it cost to refit the matte black carbon fiber: The matte is actually not very good. If it is scratched, a large part will be replaced. It is better to do a better job of baking paint. Carbon fiber is an aviation material, which is super expensive. It is called black gold, but its properties are really good

Can be directly sprayed with matt paint

The matte paint is not too expensive. If it is done, the whole vehicle is below 3000, of course, it depends on the quality of the paint! If you choose a matte flat paint, it is very expensive! Carbon fiber depends on what parts of your car have been changed! The general car body appearance structure is changed to carbon fiber for 300,000 yuan! Of course it's cheap if you just want that carbon fiber look! Compared with the general carbon fiber camouflage attached to the surface, it is only 130 yuan per square meter!

6. Why are carbon fiber auto parts modified by Balance cars so expensive: This is the first time I saw carbon fiber modified parts. This material is like a woven bag, which is quite inconspicuous. Just like the LV woven bag, even if it has the LV brand on it, it still looks very bad, but Brother A Chang, the remodeling technician of Balance, is full of praise for it. The little mosquito was puzzled, is there really such a cow? After understanding it, I realized that I was really misled by its ugly appearance. So people, the more ignorant they are, the easier it is to make subjective judgments. Carbon fiber has many excellent properties, such as low density, high strength, over-temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient and anisotropy, good corrosion resistance, and good X-ray permeability. Materials with these characteristics are used on vehicles, and in the direction of sportiness, lighter weight can have better performance when the vehicle is accelerating, braking or cornering. It has high strength and can be applied to the half shaft and transmission shaft to achieve better transmission efficiency. Like Alfa Romeo's Giulia and Stelvio also have applications. The specific gravity of Alfa Romeo's Giulia and Stelvio carbon fibers is less than 1/4 of that of steel. The tensile strength of carbon fiber resin composites is above 3500MPa, and the tensile modulus of elasticity is 23000-43000MPa, which is also higher than that of steel. These properties make carbon fiber the most lightweight body modification available. But isn't carbon fiber also fiber, why is it so expensive? It is expensive mainly for four reasons. 1. Raw materials, 2 tons to 2.2 tons of raw silk can only burn 1 ton of carbon fiber, and the cost is about 40,000-60,000 / ton. 2. The cost of equipment, a thousand-ton line of a complete set of equipment will cost more than 200 million imported, and if part of it is domestically produced, it will also cost 150 million, with an annual production capacity of about 1,500 tons. 3. Electricity cost, the processing technology of carbon fiber is heat treatment, which requires a lot of electricity cost, accounting for 25%-30% of the production cost of carbon fiber. (This electricity bill is really expensive.) 4. The research and development cost is high, because carbon fiber is a multidisciplinary product, and the whole process has about 3,000 control points. BMW carbon fiber bicycle 2000 US dollars Mustang carbon fiber bumper 800 US dollars carbon fiber also has two points to pay attention to. 1. When purchasing carbon fiber modified parts, pay attention to the type of resin in carbon fiber products, commonly used cyanate ester resin and epoxy resin , and ester resins. These three levels are in a decreasing relationship. That is, cyanate resin, which is mostly used in aerospace and military industries. 2. Poor plasticity. At present, many of our car bodies can be repaired after a collision, because metal materials such as steel are ductile. The carbon fiber material only shows high strength along the fiber axis, but its impact resistance is poor, easy to damage, and cannot be repaired after a collision, and can only be replaced as a whole. Ferrari? GTB interior Therefore, the price of carbon fiber remains high due to its characteristics, cost, and irreparability. Full carbon fiber body Koenigsegg, but Lux has released a report, "Roadmap for Expanding Carbon Fiber in Automotive Applications", stating that the application of carbon fiber in automobiles will become mainstream by 2025, the progress of carbon fiber processing technology, the number of patents The growth of carbon fiber and the control of production costs will slowly bring down the price of carbon fiber automotive supplies. This article comes from the author of Autohome and does not represent the views of Autohome.

7. Why some cars are modified with carbon fiber now: carbon fiber is an inorganic polymer fiber with a carbon content higher than 90%. Among them, those with carbon content higher than 99% are called graphite fibers. Carbon fiber has high axial strength and modulus, no creep, good fatigue resistance, specific heat and electrical conductivity between non-metal and metal, small thermal expansion coefficient, good corrosion resistance, low fiber density, X-ray transmission Sexually good. However, its impact resistance is poor, it is easy to be damaged, and it is oxidized under the action of strong acid. When it is combined with metal, metal carbonization, carburization and electrochemical corrosion will occur. Therefore, carbon fibers must be surface treated before use. Due to the difference in raw materials, modulus, strength and final heat treatment temperature, carbon fibers with different characteristics are produced. The former is hard and brittle and is often used in composite materials, while the soft and supple is often used in textiles; the latter is mostly used in engineering materials. Due to the increasing application of carbon fiber and its characteristics, the urgency of carbon fiber tensile strength testing is in front of us. The tensile strength test is destructive, and the sample is not recoverable after the test, and because the carbon fiber is very fragile after it is separated into a single fiber, so in each test process, care and patience are required, and the sample should not be damaged before the test. . The technical indicators that need to be obtained in the general test are CV value, average value, etc.

At present, there are many large and small enterprises doing carbon fiber car modification in China. The interior, license plate frame, rearview mirror frame, tappet, chassis, steering wheel, etc. on the car can be made of carbon fiber. There is a carbon fiber company called VIA Composites in Wuxi, Jiangsu, which specializes in carbon fiber automotive products.

8. What are the methods for surface modification of carbon fiber for composite materials: 1. Cleaning Put the carbon fiber into a Soxhlet extractor with acetone, and extract it with acetone at a temperature of 60~100℃ to remove the carbon fiber For the sizing agent and impurities on the surface, the cleaned carbon fibers are dried in a blast drying oven at 60-80 °C to obtain cleaned carbon fibers; 2. Oxidation (1) Place the dried and cleaned carbon fibers obtained in step 1 on a round bottom In the flask, add concentrated acid, oxidize at 60~80℃ for 2~5h; (2) soak the oxidized carbon fiber obtained in step 2 (1) in distilled water for 5~10min, and then soak the carbon fiber after soaking in distilled water. Take out, and discard the distilled water; (3) Repeat step 2 (2) for 5 to 10 times to obtain cleaned carbon oxide fibers, which are dried in a blast drying oven at 60 to 80 °C; Two (3) The obtained carbon oxide fiber is placed in a single-necked bottle, added to the mixed solution of SOCl2 and DMF, heated to 70~80 °C for constant temperature reaction for 24~48h, and the carbon fiber containing acyl chloride containing impurities is obtained; (2) Use reduced pressure The method of distillation removes the residual thionyl chloride in the acyl chloride carbon fiber containing impurities obtained in step 3 (1) to obtain the acyl chloride carbon fiber, and then the obtained acyl chloride carbon fiber is blasted at a temperature of 60-100 ° C. Dry in a drying box for 2~5h, and finally put the dried carbon fiber in a desiccator and keep it sealed; 4. Graft bis(3?aminophenyl)phenylphosphine oxide to bis(3?aminophenyl)benzene The base phosphine oxide is added to a single-neck bottle containing DMF solvent, the mass ratio of bis(3? aminophenyl) phenyl phosphine oxide to DMF is 0.3~0.6:88, heated to 60~80 ° C, bis(3? aminophenyl) ) After dissolving phenylphosphine oxide and DMF, place the acyl-chlorinated carbon fiber obtained in step 3 (2) in a single-necked bottle, heat it to 80-120°C, and the reaction time is 12-48h to obtain the grafted bis(3-amino) phenyl) carbon fibers of phenylphosphine oxide.

1. The tool wear is serious and the service life is low. Carbon fiber has high strength and high hardness (hrc53-65). As a cutting hard point, it directly rubs against the cutting edge of the tool, causing the tool to wear and the chips that are not discharged in time are squeezed. Filled in the cutting area, it has a grinding effect with the surface of the tool and accelerates the wear of the tool. The shearing of the matrix, the breakage of the fibers, and the friction between the cutting edge and the chip and the machined surface will all be accompanied by the generation of cutting heat, while the thermal conductivity of carbon fiber reinforced composites is poor, and the cutting heat is mainly concentrated near the cutting edge of the tool, ablating the tool The surface material reduces the cutting performance of the tool, so the cutting performance of the tool is very demanding.

2. Defects such as delamination, tearing, and burrs in carbon fiber reinforced composite materials. The interlayer bonding strength of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials is low. If the cutting force in the vertical direction of the layup during processing exceeds the interlayer bonding strength, it will cause delamination defects. Even small delaminations can lead to the scrapping of the entire part. The outermost layer of the carbon fiber reinforced composite material is in a free state during processing, which is the most concentrated part of the interlayer damage. During drilling, under the action of the axial force, the outermost layer of the material deforms and retreats, thereby causing the delamination of the material , tear and bulge. The fibers processed on the free surface are easily pulled out of the tomb to form burrs without being cut off.

3. Residual stress generation Due to the large difference in thermal expansion coefficient between carbon fiber and matrix resin, under the action of high cutting heat, the workpiece is prone to residual stress, which affects the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the machined surface.

4. Serious dust pollution In the process of processing carbon fiber reinforced composite materials, if water-based cutting fluid is used, it will have an adverse effect on the material itself. Therefore, the processing of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials mostly adopts thousand-way cutting. The black powdery chip dust drifts into the surrounding space in an uneven and irregular motion. Carbon fiber dust irritates human skin and respiratory tract, which is not conducive to the health of operators, and conductive chips are easy to cause short-circuit faults in machine tool circuits.

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