Application of carbon fiber in automobile

Car carbon fiber is also called car carbon fiber, which generally refers to some materials made of carbon fiber woven or multi-layer composite. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel, less dense than aluminum, more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel, more heat-resistant than heat-resistant steel, and conducts electricity like copper.

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Fake carbon fiber

Fake carbon fiber: just a sticker. The fake carbon fiber has a short service life, and it is easy to damage the original product paint when it is pasted. After tearing it off, the parts must be repainted. There is also a way of water transfer similar to fake peach wood, but it can never achieve the three-dimensional, shocking and stunning effect of real carbon fiber.

Real carbon fiber

Real carbon fiber: The surface of the original product is covered with real carbon fiber. After bonding, curing, grinding, and then a series of surface treatments, the production process is extremely complicated. The finished product is not only beautiful, but also strengthens the original. The hardness and tension of the product make it less likely to break or deform and have a long service life. This practice is called wet carbon fiber. The finished surface should be crystal clear and radiant.

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Dry carbon fiber

This method is more complicated. First, the mold must be made, and then the product is made, and then polished and varnished. The following process is the same as that of wet carbon fiber. The advantages of pure carbon fiber are light weight, strong tensile force and fire resistance. Because the resin content produced is lower than that of ordinary carbon fiber resin, the flexibility is better and the craftsmanship level is higher.

Vehicles equipped with carbon fiber are more than steel-like carbon fiber components with strength and toughness. It is a symbol of identity and the pursuit of individuality. It is also a self-expression of fashion and trend. Because of its expensive characteristics, it has become a symbol of luxury. .

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